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Discover the process of "sun printing" at your own pace in your own space with a Short & Few Project Pack.


Each Cyanotype Project Pack has everything you need to get started with the process of 'sun printing': 

  • 10 pre-coated papers in a light-proof bag measuring approx. 12.5cm X 17.5cm (the paper is 50% cotton which means it won't disintegrate and will flatten again nicely once washed)

  • instruction booklet with guidance, history and tips

  • acrylic contact sheet

  • instructions for making a test strip

  • acetate and Sharpie for drawing your own designs

  • a notebook for keeping records

  • a pair of latex-free gloves


All you need to provide is the sun, water and ideas! 


I will always remember running a workshop and someone gasping "it's like magic!" when we were washing the papers and the image was beginning to reveal itself. It's a totally safe, simple and effective process that is an interesting balance between science and art (sorry - it isn't actually magic.)

That's how the Cyanotype Project Pack came about - everything you need (regardless of age or ability) to discover the cyanotype process for yourself or with your friends and family. 

Cyanotype Project Pack: Project Pack for home learning

  • Price includes 2nd Class Evri Parcel delivery (not tracked), all beautifully wrapped (so you could even send it directly to a friend!)

  • Please read the provided Instruction Book carefully before starting, and check out the Risk & Safety section on my website for more details. Anyone can use this kit, but under 16s should be accompanied by a responsible adult.

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