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#1: The Absence of Light

A personal project in the pursuit of making the impermanent permanent - basically, exploring my love of shadows through print making, drawing, collage and alt photography.

Those who know me know that I am a little obsessed with shadows - especially the liner and geometric forms and patterns created by manufactured and architectural structures. They can be shadows cast by an iron gate on the pavement on my walk to work, onto a wall from a temporary crane in the neighbouring field, or projections of window decals. To throw a little caveat in there quite early on, I'm also quite partial to a good crop of an abstract geometric composition. It's all about the shapes and how they interact and intersect within the frame.

This pursuit of mine starts with photos that capture composition, shape, colour and texture - the fundamentals of image making that can put goose pimples on my arms when I see them doing what they do they do best.

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